MultiMasz sp. z o.o. sp. k.

Bralin, Poland

MultiMasz is a Polish company that has been operating successfully for many years on the market of metalworking machines. Our biggest advantage is the possibility of comprehensive service in the scope of delivery of new and used metalworking machines, their maintenance, renovation and modernization. We mainly deal with lathes, milling machines, grinders, drills and drilling and milling machines, but also with other metalworking machines. We are an exclusive representative in Poland of console milling machines made under WMW HECKERT licence.
We have worked on our brand for years, which is why we keep only the highest standards.
WHAT WE DO___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
We supply to factories, production plants and repair shops new and used metalworking machines, carry out repairs of used machine tools, modernize control systems, supply spare parts, accessories and machine tooling for Polish, German, Czech, Russian and Bulgarian machine tools (mechanical parts, clutches & brakes).
We adapt entire machine parks in factories and production and service facilities to minimum health and safety requirements in accordance with applicable regulations.
With a group of experienced constructors and technologists of former JOTES Grinding Machines Factory in ?o?dz?, we design, manufacture and modernize metal grinding machines taking into account the latest advances in grinding technology and the use of innovative control systems such as Siemens, Fanuc, Mitsubishi.
We offer machining services, including grinding of 10-meter elements.
One company and so many options. MultiMasz.
WHO TRUSTED US_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Our main customers are companies of engineering, machine building, metallurgy, energy, mining, shipbuilding, ceramics or paper industries. We have been successfully cooperating for many years now with such brand names as: KGHM Polska Miedz? S.A., Mahle Poland, Vesuvius Group, Fabryka ?oz?ysk Tocznych - Kras?nik S.A. (PBF Polish Bearings Factory). Together with them, and for them, we have completed many challenging and innovative projects in the field of machine tools modernization and customization.
On our account we also have succesful projects for PKN Orlen, GE Poland, Saint-Gobain S.A., Volkswagen Poland, Danfoss Group, Pratt & Whitney.
The best recommendation for us is that our clients regularly come back to us.
... AND WHY______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
We are not afraid to undertake new challenges. Our team consists of a group of experienced constructors, engineers and technologists who, in consultation with the client, will propose the best solutions, design and prepare a machine tool 100% ready for its tasks.
Our flexibility is shaped around the individual needs and requests of our customers. We are constantly looking for optimal and innovative solutions for them.
Professionalism, flexibility and openness to the client, guarantees us the success of the actions taken.
WE HAVE SOMETHING THAT OTHERS DO NOT HAVE_____________________________________________________________________________________________
As the only one in Europe, we have a huge stationary warehouse of new electromagnetic clutches and brakes used in metalworking machines and other machines and industrial equipment. We take an immediate action in the event of machine failure, so as to minimize the machine downtime and minimize losses.
The flagship brands of electromagnetic clutches and brakes we have, are: ZF, Heid, Stromag, Ortlinghaus, Binder Magnete, Ema Dessau, Fumo, PSP Pohony, Telcomec, Warner, but also many other unique positions.
We work efficiently because we know that in a crisis situation, the quick response is the most important thing.